Fibbing Friday…thanks Theresa!


Theresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith creates this lovely lying post every friday….yep, she gets us ALL to LIE…isn’t it great? You can join in too. it’s simple. Just lie alot….

“What would Friday be without a chance to do a little fibbing. Come up with the best fibs you can for the following questions:”

  1. What did the couch say to the toilet?  “So the secret to getting them to scream is ICE????”
  2. What caused the last traffic jam in town?  A delivery truck full of grape jelly overturned.
  3. What really powers the Internet?    a guinea pig running on his wheel…..
  4. What is really between Trump’s ears?  mashed potatoes
  5. What is in the heart of Africa?  blood
  6. What was the last meal eaten in the Garden of Eden? Adam’s ribs
  7. Who build the pyramids in the Yucatan? the Yuckabees….
  8. What is the highest form of flattery?  a limerick all about YOU!
  9. Speakeasies were not secret bars, what were they? A box full of mimes……….
  10. Alcatraz isn’t a prison, what is it really?  A tropical bird
  11. What is in hamburger?  sawdust, elmer’s glue and brown ink
  12. What is the real question and answer to number #12?  What is the purpose of life? Asking stupid questions

4 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday…thanks Theresa!

  1. Lol! Fun answers

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  2. But…mashed potatoes would be the truth. A proper lie would be to say there’s a brain between Trump’s ears…


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