healthcare…yes, again.

After I finished ranting about the stupid government, and it’s insanity of Medicare, a damned good friend said to do a bit of investigation before I exploded…………..and yes, I listened. Oh I kept complaining for a while but found no one was offering any solutions (dogs may pay attention but they lack the desire to actually tell me how to fix anything!) so I called insurance agents.

Yea…I broke down and actually called a few agents. And in doing so received an education on how to deal with Medicare without losing what tiny mind I have left.

There are quite a few options……..many of which are paid for out of our tiny pockets and are designed to “close the gap” in the government supplied healthcare services.  Things like dental insurance…or eye insurance.

Now you’d think eyes and teeth and hearing would all be covered. NOPE! I guess old people don’t need to see, or hear, or chew food. Well, they don’t need to unless they can pay out 30 dollars here, there and yonder for the privilege.

Turns out there are thousands of “medigap” policies…………none of them seemed like a great idea.

Only ONE agent that I spoke with told me about “Medicare Advantage” plans…which take the place of Medicare. No more parts A,B,C,D,E,F,etc, etc etc!

It takes the place of all that nonsense…..Now I was prepared for an extremely high cost to do this. After all Medicare was going to nickle and dime us to death with all the parts we would have to shell out funds for….BUT, the Advantage plans don’t do that. I still have to pay the “part A and B” amount……………but that is all I have to pay….and it comes directly out of my teensy-tiny Social security check each month.

This insurance plan is actually a GOOD one…it is a PPO, and I can keep my doctor, my hospital, my dentist, my eye doc and my pharmacy. They are all members of this particular plan. (God Bless You, Mr. Obama, for passing that legislation that CREATED this stuff!) I will have to pay a tiny co-pay for each time I see the doctor UNLESS it is a wellness visit…and those cover all my regular checkups.  I can actually get an annual mammogram once a year for no charge…My prescriptions are free…except for anti-biotics which are ten bucks.

I spent over 15 hours of interviewing insurance agents, got an education and found insurance we can live with……..and it was so worth it.

If you find yourself signing up for Medicare (yes you DO need to sign up, it is NOT automatic the way everyone says it is), for Heaven’s sake talk to a bunch of insurance agents BEFORE you panic. Learn what NOT to do from my panicky experience!

5 thoughts on “healthcare…yes, again.

  1. I’m glad you found a solution that works for you!

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  2. Good for you, Suze.💖

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  3. We did that with my husband in the beginning of this year! We were like you surprised with all of the nonsense… we thought everything is covered once he retires but nope we still have to fork a monthly payment to cover the rest!

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  4. I’m never so happy to be Canadian as I am when I hear about American health care nightmares. Hope it all works out for you!

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