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I had an absolute blast today! Yep, got tons of things out to yard sales and rummage sales, found some incredible buys, spent time with my bestie Angela and her hubs Garry, and got to play with tools! What more could a woman ask for?????

We started out with Ang coming by to say there was a huge yard sale at the Mennonite Church, so of course we all climbed into her van and went straight there.

I found a gorgeous mirror for 3 whole dollars that looks fantastic in my hall…

Turns out some maroon bought it for 199.99 at the local hobby store…THREE BUCKS I paid! WOOT!

Then I bought a cute picture for the other side of the hallway for a whole…..$0.25!!!

I know…it’s a picture of a bathroom sink….but! It i in the hallway next to the bathroom so it makes sense to me. hush now.

We found a large trunk at a yard sale on the way home………….this sale was a charity event and all the proceeds are going to the local animal shelter so of course we bought stuff. George found a trunk that I converted into a coffee table for my crafts room. I added roller wheels to the bottom of it and will decorate either with paints or paper…haven’t decided yet. Turns out this trunk went through South Africa during the era of Apartheid…how do I know? I found the South African Airlines labeling on it, that’s how I know. See?


So, after I played with the trunk…or was it before I played with the trunk? Well, whenever it was, Garry and I put together a garden arch that I purchased and had been delivered this past week. Since it has been raining for the past four days I couldn’t go out to do it before…I really appreciate the assistance as I NEVER would have got two of the parts together by myself.

I had to take down the tiny bit of chain link that had been left next to the house, but Garry and George both helped get out the final piece and we were ready to set in the archway. it is between two climbing rosebushes that had been attacking us each year for the past five………now they have something to climb and hopefully will leave me be!

We started placing stepping stones in the center of the arch…and ran out of energy.  I still have about seven stepping stones to place…and we need to brick in the area where the trash cans sit…right now there is a wooden board there rotting away…

But those things can be done later. In the meantime I have a lovely arch, a cool truck-table, a great mirror and a really cute new picture on my wall. What more could a girl want?

8 thoughts on “Saturday stuff

  1. Home, sweet home.💖

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  2. Yay you!! That’s a well spent Saturday!! 🙂

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    1. it was fabulous! now for shower and early bedtime with a great book!

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  3. Great bargains and a perfect day

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  4. What more could a girl ask for indeed! And I follow your logic on the picture of the bathroom sink, for this way if you have visitors who are unfamiliar with your house, they will be able to find the bathroom by the picture out side the door! Brilliant!!!

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  5. What a great day! I love yard sales and I’m super-jealous of your beautiful trunk:-)

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  6. I love all of your yard sale finds, what a lovely arch, you sure got a lot accomplished yesterday!

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  7. Loved hearing about your yard sale finds! Sure had better luck than we did on Friday. That trunk is so cool! 🙂

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