morning news…..

After an absolutely fabulous weekend, I awoke to the television news…..someone in the Trump administration (we shall call it that for lack of appropriate adjectives) is a fan of Dustin Hoffman movies.

I know this because our Moron-in-Chief is wagging the dog this morning.

For some totally unknown reason the Cheeto is sending war ships to Iran….

Now according to the UN and to a (hell of a lot of) our allies, Iran is being compliant with the Nuclear Proliferation treaty.

So, there really is NO REASON to send warships.

I can only assume the twisted mind of our Idiot-in-Chief is thinking he can distract from his protege going to prison this morning, his AG being proved a total liar on nationwide television and Fox news that has semi-abandoned him…Good God, ya know it must be bad in the used-to-be-a-White House when Faux News goes south on ya.

Sigh. Welcome to our alternate universe.

1 thought on “morning news…..

  1. Suze, it is sad. However, I remember the same war machine gearing up for Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. We are not a noble nor benevolent country and war equates to financial prosperity for the munitions/military/defense complex. Bolton, Pompeo and the other trump minions are taking us to a dangerous place. Yeah, I may sound like an old hippie protestor from 1970, but life has proven me right. Love ya. 🙏

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