The camping trip is ON!

George had his defibrillator/pacemaker checkup today and was given the green light to “live again”.

The Medtronic nurse checked out his battery life (at least 11 years as of today), his heart rhythms (going great guns all around) and his implant site for healing (looks like surgery was three months ago, not one!), and when we asked if we needed to plug in the Medtronic monitor directly into the outlet at the campsite or could we use an extension cord, she said “why are you taking it?”

We both sort of looked like deer in the headlights at her, she laughed and said “I am scheduling George for once every three months monitoring. He can leave the machine at home”. After doing a little happy dance and hugs given to nurses and spouse, I was able to drag George out of the doc’s office and we left to come home.

SO: on Sunday George and I, along with Angie and Garry, their two dogs and OUR two dogs are headed for Canton Lake for four days and nights.

I’ve got the tents cleaned out, all the equipment cleaned and ready to go…all we have to do is pack a bag for clothing and pack the truck.

Ang and I will go grocery shopping on Thursday for the meals ingredients, I will prep some of it and freeze it for later on and the rest of our camping junk will be taken down from the shed’s loft area.

Life can once again go back to “normal” …or at least, as normal as it ever gets for us.


10 thoughts on “The camping trip is ON!

  1. Have a wonderful time!

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  2. Awesome!!! That’s great news. Enjoy that trip. Catch a large mouth for me. 😃🤙🏻


    1. I sure will! Sounds like breakfast for day two!

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      1. Perfect! Food cooked over an open fire always tastes better. 😃

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  3. Yea! I didn’t think he would need it, so happy for yall you’re cleared for take off!

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    1. oh me too! We love to camp and were quite worried he would not be able to go along, so this is just wonderful news to us!

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  4. Now Suze, watch out for alligators and water moccasins, and…..oh, you don’t have alligators in OKLA. OK, have a great time.🤗

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