camp recipe number 1

Angie and I try to have different meals each time we camp.

We don’t do the old hamburger/hotdog routine, but instead try to find recipes a bit more exotic.

I have been know to bake a pizza out in the woods on a campfire……… turned out really well too!

So, we generally get together a few weeks before a trip to menu plan.

We want foods that are easily converted to a camp lifestyle, yet give us variety as well as nutrition. I think the one we have set for the upcoming trip is probably the best one yet.


Now we have our little camp kitchen (much like the picture) and we are taking out a few folding tables for our propane stoves…so prep should be very easily done.

We plan well enough in advance that we usually have certain items already prepped…… the turkey we are taking out for King Ranch Turkey.

Now, most people in the US already know about King Ranch Chicken..a combo of chicken, corn tortillas and a cheesy/spicy sauce…Angie and I have come up with one a bit better.

For those of a curious bent…here’s the recipe you can try at home in a skillet.

(this feeds four normal people or one George)


King Ranch Turkey

2 turkey breasts cut into one inch pieces

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 cup shredded longhorn cheddar

6 corn tortillas (soft ones, not taco shells!) torn into 3 inch pieces.

1 8 oz can Rotel tomatoes and chilis

1 small can corn, drained and rinsed

1 small onion, chopped medium

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 6 oz container sour cream


rinse turkey and cut into 1 inch pieces, then fry with onions in heated olive oil over medium heat until cooked thoroughly. (about three minutes). drain oil. Save turkey/onions for later.

mix cream of chicken soup, corn, Rotel and cheese in pan.  warm until cheese begins to melt. mix in onion/turkey. stir completely.

Add tortillas and heat to almost boil,  mix thoroughly and add sour cream. Serves 4

That’s it. super easy and tastes fantastic.

When we make this we tend to have campers from all over whichever park we are in come calling to find out what we are fixing.


5 thoughts on “camp recipe number 1

  1. Yummmmm, I’m hungry.🤪

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  2. Can I join you??? I know how to make S’mores! 😉

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    1. yes…bring lots of smore stuff!

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      1. Awesome!!! Be there in a jiffy!

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  3. “Feeds four normal people and one like George!” 🤣🤣🤣
    I’d love to try that with chicken for my hubby, or maybe even my Bunco group! Thanks for the idea!!

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