So Angie and I hit the grocery stores today in order to finish buying the food for our camping trip. I was ready with coupons and a calculator (gotta stay in budget) and she was along for moral support (“hey Ang, do we really NEED 12 rolls of toilet paper?” Ang: “well the guys can be full of &$%@”)

Needless to say we did enjoy the heck out of today.

So back to HER house to put away the food…we are going to prep it all tomorrow…the stuff that needs prepping anyway. We’ll trim fat off the roast and bag it for freezing…….we’ll add chopped onions and rice to some hamburger to make meatballs, and then freeze them…we’ll shred the turkey breast..etc etc etc.

We already packed up all non-perishable foods into a bin, labeled it and it is ready to go onto the truck. We have the air mattresses and sheets all binned…the kitchen tools and dishes all packed.

Then we just have to pack our clothing and meds, fill the truck and van with all the equipment and start driving on Sunday morning.

On a different note, George has been repairing model airplanes at the local air museum in preparation for their open house this weekend and all next week. He is finishing up a bomber (made of paper and wood) that was originally built in the 40’s and hung from the ceiling of a local air hanger.

He was asked specifically to be at the opening in the local mall tomorrow night…..I am pretty sure (especially since two of the air museum guys said so) that George will be “honored” with a pin and something else as yet un-named for his service to not only the country (Army service) but his volunteerism at the air museum.

I am so proud of him I could bust wide open!

More, hopefully with pictures) after tomorrow night!


8 thoughts on “prepping

  1. Guys can be full of whaaaat? I hope you were thinking charm, grace and humor. Enjoy your trip, Suze

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    1. Of course, that’s what she meant! 🙂

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    2. hey! it was angie that said it! I just giggled hysterically! lol

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      1. Oh sure. Blame it on your best friend.

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  2. You should be proud of George, and yourselves for your amazing food prep, they will be so thankful come mealtimes! Enjoy your trip, wish I could be a fly on the wall!

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    1. i wish you could be here too!

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