George’s modelling……..

My hubby, George, has been working on several large models with his modelling club for the last few months. The models he has been “repairing” are part of the permanent displays at the Woodring Airport Air Museum.

I’ve watched him take balsa wood and shave it to infinitesimal pieces in an effort to “fix” a certain plane. He’s created windscreens from glue and molded it to fit. He’s taken a single haired brush to paint in details…

His work paid off tonight…and will for the rest of the month.

Tomorrow the Mayor of Enid will officially open the “memorial tribute to Oklahoma Servicemen” and feature models of aircraft, motor vehicles and tanks………there is a wall full of an art project completed by the fourth and fifth grade students of Vance AFB Elementary school that highlight the nose art of WWII well as their own imagination’s nose art for future aircraft.

And my husband’s refurbished models are hanging from the ceiling, inside of display cases and on table tops for the city to see.

I said I would provide pictures….and I went a step further.  Instead, I have a short video.

If it is a bit, well…wobbly? It’s because I was having trouble focusing through my tears.


7 thoughts on “George’s modelling……..

  1. Amazing. Congrats to your husband and to you, of course

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  2. On first seeing the title of this post, “George’s Modeling”, I thought … oh no … no no no … I was thinking of a different definition of ‘modeling’ 🤣 That said … What an awesome thing George and his fellow modelers are doing! Thumbs up to them 👍

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    1. I was SO HOPING someone (anyone, but how nice it was YOU) would read the title and start hyperventilating while screaming NOOOOOO.

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      1. I was really surprised that nobody else had commented on it and figured I must just be possessed of a warped mind! 🤣

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      2. and Thank God for warped minds! Made my day!

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