arrival at Lake Canton……

After over-loading ourselves with anything and everything we could possibly need come the Zombie Apocalypse, we drove an hour southwest to Lake Canton.

We checked in with a sweet couple of retirees who spend all summer at the lake as a sort of camping supervisor for the corps of engineers (who own the lake and the wildlife refuge).  Found the campsite and started unpacking.

Now Angie and I have the packing of the truck down to a science, so the unpacking is easy to get the camp set up. Tents go up first. Since we are all of us old and decrepit (not to mention crotchety and handicapped) we have”instant” tents.  It took me, myself and I exactly 4 minutes and 22 seconds to get one family sized tent up and ready. We have two tents (both 8 people instant tents) and a 2-room “shower” tent.

We install them so they face each other and hang a 8×6 foot tarp over both as a rain cover. This had the added benefit of creating “one unit” according to the Corps of Engineers. Since we are allowed “2 units per campsite”, our shower tent turns into unit two.

you can see the tarp strung between tents here

You can see the tarp strung between tents in the background.

We then set up the shower tent and placed it next to one of the large sleeping tents. After set up we organized it. We no longer use it for showing, but as a convenience station. We hang the “room divider” so that it “hides” half the room space. We have a tub for a table and place a small lantern on it so we can see at night. On the opposite side we hang a shoe organizer from the shower bar and place our folding “potty chair” next to it. The organizer holds things like trash bags with which we line the toilet, toilet paper, personal wipes and anything else we need. A covered trash can is also set inside. We put kitty litter in the base of the toilet to absorb all the ………well……you know what goes in a toilet. You figure it out.

Since Angie and I both have extreme difficulty walking, we simply can not make the hike to the provided shower/toilet cabins in the park. This single tent makes it possible for us to go camping, which we both adore.

Once all three tents were up, we took a break for lunch.

After relaxing for a while, Angie and I set up the kitchen area and we had the men set up the cots in the tents. George filled the air mattresses (thank goodness for electric air pumps!). By the time the guys were done farting around, Angie and I set up the beds and organized the tents.

We don’t exactly “camp” anymore…it is a sort of handicapped Glamping…..we take an air mattress, fill it up, shove it inside a sleeping bag which then goes on the cot. Then we take an over-sized twin sheet and cover it all…….add a few blankets and comforters and the beds are made.

We hang a “sweater or purse” organizer from the ceiling for things like cell phones, glasses, spare shoes, shawls or sweaters…pretty much whatever we use regularly and need to find quickly.

We use an emptied bin as a side table to the cots for lanterns, flashlights, a drink or an ashtray. (yes, we all still smoke…lecture me later)

Rugs go on the floor next to the cots.

Lanterns are hung up outside along the front of the tents……….not only are they adorable, but they provide just enough light to find our way to the bathroom after dark.

We take pool noodles, cut them in half and then cut longways in half to hang over the tent tie-outs and along the front of the shower tent. These keep (mostly ) me from tripping over tent lines at night.

After all of that (which only took about an hour) we relaxed until time for dinner.

The first night Angie cooked a pot roast with potatoes, baby carrots, onion and celery in a rich onion broth for dinner. We had some artisan rolls and the option of a white wine from a local Oklahoma winery. It was a pineapple/pear wine.

Now, for those who know me, they know I am an alcoholic in recovery. What they may not know is my cardiologist insists I have an ounce of wine each and every day with a particular medication.   The experience for me is a sort of Heaven and Hell combination…….and I only do what my cardiologist tells me to when we go camping….I figure I can quite happily suffer during those 3 to five days once or twice a year. Anything more than that and I am horribly triggered to ignore the one ounce requirement.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a bazillion word entry, so I’ll write more later about the trip.

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  1. Sounds like home to me. So when do we go swimming?

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    1. swimming is out as long as the beaches are underwater…give it a week or so.

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  2. I gotta hand it to you Suze, yall got this camping sh*t DOWN!!!

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