Just got home from the Lake……………

Prairie dog at Canton Lake, Oklahoma

And it was wonderfully relaxing….for the most part.

We did have an extreme rainstorm at one point but it was after midnight and we were (mostly) sleeping so we didn’t care.

The tents held up…even if the dogs were scared and playing revolving tents half the night.

And honestly, there is nothing quite like having two smallish dogs barreling into the tent in the middle of a storm to leap upon Mommy and let her know rain is coming down.

For the most part though, the campsite was glorious…the company fabulous and the food excellent.

I made a really quick video of some of the snapshots I took on my cell phone.

More posts about the camping experience to come this week…right now is just a quick hello so you all know I survived the trip. And, you get to see my five-days-of-camping-and-finally-home face! What lucky people you are!

4 thoughts on “Just got home from the Lake……………

  1. Nice! And I loved the music too!


    1. George thought it was “a bit much”…lol. thanks Kim!


  2. Angela Camden May 15, 2019 — 5:43 pm

    What an awesome video of our trip!! We really had a blast!!!

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