You’d think that all we ate was dinner…..

but that isn’t true. We actually did enjoy both breakfast in the morning and lunch later in the day.

The meals were not as fancy as our dinners but they were tasty and inexpensive.

Our second day at Canton began with small dogs awakening me at o’dark thirty…probably 5 in the morning actually. Once awakened by a five pound furry wriggling creature it is impossible to return to the land of nod…… up I got…and promptly made coffee and a campfire.

Mornings were cool (somewhere in the low to mid fifties) and a fire sure felt nice.

George had banked the fire the night before so there was a nice hot layer of coals with which to start a new fire…..

The men were the next to crawl out of bed and greet the day…with Angie and the dogs (including both of mine the little devils!) sleeping away the morning.

Once everyone was up and semi-coherent, we made breakfast. One morning it was breakfast burritos…with lots of scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage and fried potatoes……the next we had waffles.

Lunch was simple food……..we made a cole slaw, potato salad and hamburgers…one day we made a macaroni salad to accompany our hot dogs.

We kept it very simple as we had so many other things to do during the day.

George had several models he was building or painting…the dogs needed to be walked..prairie dogs needed to be giggled at and have their photos taken….and there was the lake.

Geese, ducks and seagulls were everywhere…so were all sorts of song birds..but the one I was most thrilled to listen to and watch was a great horned owl. He was ginormous! When he flew overhead he was almost silent in his passing…then he’d light in a tree and start calling.

crappy picture, I know…but he can be seen up that tree. At first I was simply amazed by him, but then George (bless his heart) said “don’t owls eat small mammals?”  I said I think so…and George asked “where are the dogs?”.  I realized I had zero idea where the furbabies were so became a bit frantic in searching and calling for them,…It turned out they were all fine…and taking a nap in my bed.

At one point in out little vacation, Angie and I had to go into the nearest town for something or other…and on the way back noticed four large (very large) birds next to the lake. I thought they were buzzards…Angie swore they were turkeys. So I ask ya….what in heck ARE these things anyway?

I mean, I’ve seen turkeys before but not a bunch of them at once. I ALWAYS see a bunch of vultures…usually at roadkill (and no, there was no dead thing near these dudes) but I still think they are vultures.


9 thoughts on “You’d think that all we ate was dinner…..

  1. I envy you seeing the owl. We had a family of tawny owls in our silver birch tree one evening. They were silhouetted against the sky and I wish I’d had my camera. It was as if the adults were telling their offspring what to hunt and how to do it.

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    1. how wonderful that you experienced that.


      1. Wonderful. Now we’re lucky to hear one

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  2. Well pilgrim, them thar birds is no doubt turkeys.😁

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    1. for sure? why aren’t they fat?

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      1. They aren’t Butterball.

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  3. Angela Camden May 17, 2019 — 3:32 pm

    See, I told you they were turkeys

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  4. Those look like wild turkeys to me–glad you had a great time!

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