Fibbing Friday finally makes sense to me!’s on Saturday! We’re now fibbing about what day of the week we are all gonna lie! woot!

Mel, Theresa,  The Haunted Wordsmith, comes up with these odd questions each week and we have to think up a lie for an answer…….yea, it sounds MUCH easier than it really is! Try it and see what I mean. (Thanks Rory for reminding me never to write late at night! I get names wrong..oh so wrong! Sorry Theresa!)

Her questions for May 17th (on May 18th!)

What would a Friday be without a chance to do a little fibbing? Come up with your best tall tales to this food themed week’s questions:

  1. What is in Ranch Dressing?
  2. What is Cool Whip really?
  3. Why is the pineapple cake upside down?
  4. What is a chicken finger really?
  5. What did the baker lose in the cake?
  6. What does pork belly go with best?
  7. What happened when the farmer grew tomatoes and pumpkins together?
  8. What does the butcher do with the left over parts?
  9. Why was Grandma’s fruit cake so popular?
  10. What is Dracula’s favorite desert?
  11. Who would win the Halloween Bake Off and what would they cook?
  12. What did the novice cook mistake for green beans?
  13. What are baked beans really and what do they go with?

and my answers:

  1. Ranch dressing? Why a cowboy hat, chaps and spurs…or a really really ugly prairie dress!
  2. Cool Whip?
  3. Pineapple cakes are upside down because they originated in New Zealand..and since NZ is on the bottom of the world everything there is upside down
  4. EUUUUUUU, chicken fingers are gross is what they are….see?
  5. his virginity….don’t ask!
  6. Pork belly goes best with a pig. It would look pretty bad on a man, don’t ya think?
  7. Tumpkins…a lovely bright red pumpkin that when cut oozes all over the place.
  8. He creates people out of the, just like in the Frankenstein story. Didn’t know that story was really true, did ya?
  9. The fruit cake wasn’t what was popular…it was the 100 proof whiskey she soaked it in…
  10. Dracula’s favorite dessert was angel food cake
  11. Gordon Ramsey…I mean seriously, who else would win? and anything he cooked would win.
  12. Okra…it had to have been okra…silly Northerner.
  13. Well, first they aren’t baked. No one actually bakes a bean…they are soaked then boiled. The entire thing is a lie so my only response must be the truth…or was it?

5 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday finally makes sense to me!

  1. Great answers Suze ps ;;; it’s actually Teresa at the Haunted Wordsmith.


    1. crap! I knew I got something wrong….lol

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      1. Panic not, the answers made up for it, they were great 🙂

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  2. I know MY grandma’s fruit case was popular because it had a lot of rum in it!

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