Just another day

The skies cleared this morning and it turned warm……..such a nice change from the torrential rains (over 8 inches in 24 hours here0 and tornadoes blasting through the state. At 15 of em, i am pretty durned sure we have met the year’s quota!

So, this morning I wandered on over to Angie’s and watched her dog groomer shear Jake down to a military cut……..he sure felt better. Looked better too. He’s a pure poodle and tends to mat easily no matter how well combed we keep him, so the hair cut was a must!

Then back home again to play an online game for a few hours………

Made dinner for George and the short fuzzy children………..then outside to start hacking at overgrown shrubs and rosebushes. I “discovered ” one rose I had thought was dying had instead grown seven feet in a week and put out thousands of blossoms……..and was hanging over my walkway to the front yard.

Instead of just hacking it all down, George said “can we get another trellis”?

Heck YEA we can get another one! I really don’t want to wear 47 bazillion bandaids over the cuts I would get cutting down a mutant rosebush!

So, it was back inside where I fiddle-farted around on the puter for several hours looking at garden furniture………..yes, I did order another trellis.

Now, it is once again dark outside (from the time, not from clouds) and I am off once again to find something to do.

I think I will rearrange my closet.

Or read a bodice ripper…..whichever one I come to first.


11 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. Awesome that you had such a great day sooz!

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  2. Not sure what a bodice ripper is, sounds better than cleaning the closet though. Yea, you saved the roses! I inherited the ugliest rose bush I’ve ever seen and still don’t have the heart to cut it down. I did cut it waaaay back this year though. 😊

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    1. dig that sucker up and replace it with something you love. a bodice ripper is like a harlequin romance…nothing really but soft porn. I can do without it


  3. I’ve tagged you for the 3 2 1 Quote Me challenge!

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  4. Glad y’all survived all the rain and storms up your way. It’s getting ridiculous how the weather has been! Your roses sound beautiful, and a second trellis will be great. 🙂

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  5. So, which did it end up being? The closet or the book? 😉

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    1. the damned closet….sigh

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      1. Ah well, probably for the best. I wish you lived closer … my own closet is a disaster! 😱

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