Fibbin Friday

yep…Theresa is once again asking us to lie like dawgs…..OF COURSE I am doing it! Did you even really wonder about that? Surely not……… we go. (for normal posts, challenges, and other cool stuff check out T’s stuff at the Haunted Wordsmith)


  1. What goes best on baked potatoes?
  2. Pepsi isn’t soda pop, what is it really?
  3. Where is your dream vacation?
  4. Santa Claus is getting really old and forgetful, instead of presents what did he leave?
  5. What is lurking under your couch cushion?
  6. Why are zombies the only thing that eats brains?
  7. Why do people drive big trucks?
  8. What do pets do at night?
  9. What is a cockle shell?
  10. What is kept in the Tower of London?
  11. Why did London Bridge fall down?
  12. What is at the bottom of the wishing well?
  13. What lives in the sewers?
  14. Who steals the little things that goes missing in your house?
  15. What two movies belong together in a mashed movie?
  16. What does M.A.S.H. stand for?
  17. What happens at midnight in a graveyard?

1 Best on a baked potato?  I’ve found that dryer lint adds some nice color and texture.

2. Pepsi stands for “people expect purposefully singing ibex”…it’s goat milk, what else?

3. in my dreams, where else?

4. reindeer popper scoopers

5. teensy tiny little dust bunnies…..

6. because zombies are brainless……

7. my pets go to a local casino and play poker all night. (did ya see how bad I lied? yea answer 8 is now seven…hahahahaha)

8. big trucks are like big ……………..ummm, nevermind. i gotta keep this pg or under!

9. again…PG or family ratings here…

10. the giant spider monster from Dr Who who tried to get Dr Donna eaten by her fiance who was the spider’s earthly kid..or it could be a drain sump pump for the castle.

11.  it was shot down by the monster’s star-shaped ship in dr who on Christmas Eve……don’t you watch Dr Who?

12 a giant plug.

13..what exactly is your fascination with underground or underwater stuff?

14. my dog steals em all and buries them in the garden.

15. why are we mashing movies? we already mashed potatoes..i suppose next we will mash army units……..sheesh

16. Now how did I know that was coming? sigh… it stand for George is deployed again….in army-ese………….

17. not a danged thing.

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  1. 🤣🤣 Remind me never to eat baked potato at your house! Have a great weekend!

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