Things that bug me……

There are not that many things that seriously bug me…but those that do are sometimes exceptionally difficult to ignore.

It bugs me when

  1. Politicians lie, cheat or otherwise act the jackass
  2. people steal
  3. people lie
  4. people take advantage of those weaker than them
  5. the dog barks at nothing for a hour
  6. people don’t listen before responding (especially over religion or politics)

But the one thing guaranteed to annoy me to the point of physical mayhem is when a man abuses a woman and THERE IS NOTHING PEOPLE CAN DO TO HELP…………oh not physically, because then something can be done to fix that situation. One can always find a use for that Mickey Mantle baseball bat behind the front door…….

But when a “man” keeps his wife from using her very own bank account, cuts her off from friends and family, calls her names designed to make her feel stupid or less than…uses all the gas in HER vehicle so she has no way to go anywhere……….walks out on her whenever she tries to ask him what the problem is…those things bug the crap out of me. Basically because there isn’t a damned thing anyone can do to help resolve the situation.


A friend of mine is in this sort of situation. She’s been married for years…but over the last couple of them her husband has significantly changed. He is now what most would call “emotionally abusive” to her. I don’t know if it was his retirement that did it to him, or had a medical issue…..or if he just took off his “mask” that he showed the world. Whatever the reason I simply don’t care any more…I just want him to stop it. NOW.

She finally took the first step towards change……..she can’t change HIM but she started to take charge of her finances….and I am so danged proud of her for doing so.

I am hoping she will take the additional step of telling her family members exactly what he has been doing to her. She needs to know people love her…that she is a valuable member of society…that she is intelligent…all of which he has systematically tried to destroy over the last few years.

Her family will stand beside her no matter what she decides to do…as will I.

If you, or someone you know is being manipulated, being separated from your family members, having your money taken over by a significant other……….if you are hearing negatives instead of positives from your significant other.PLEASE, get help.

In the US you can call 1-800-799-7233, or go online to

If you know of someone who is being abused, please call.  Physical abuse is not the only type of abuse.


6 thoughts on “Things that bug me……

  1. So sorry for your friend. Glad that you are helping her. There is nothing worse than mental abuse as it leaves no scars anyone can see.

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    1. thanks Sadje..she will get through it.

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      1. You’re welcome Suze. I knew someone like her. She did too.

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  2. You’re a great friend.

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  3. Your poor friend. What a strange reaction to retirement–or maybe he really IS sick. I have a friend whose husband was diagnosed with a particular type of early-onset dementia and it completely changed his personality. Glad she has you for support!

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    1. I keep thinking he had a stroke, which I knmow changes people’s personalities. We can see the change in him from a particular date…but his docs said no stroke. I don’t know. What i do know is he went from a nice and funny guy to a mean SOB.

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