after a storm

We worriedly checked around the house and yard this morning…..the storms last night were absolutely horrendous! Turns out they spun off several tornadoes around the state..the closest being in El Reno again.

A nursing home, a trailer park and another business got slammed and people died. It’s always hard hearing about the deaths…it seems so senseless.

We didn’t have any significant damage…mostly to our rosebushes.  Flowers torn up and bedraggled………but the house is fine. The trees are still standing…………as is our rickety fence.

I was happy to see both of our apple trees with small fruit beginning to grow. Maybe this year the harvest will be enough to can some applesauce, spiced apples and apple butter. I hope so.

Our new garden arches withstood the storms too, and I was happy for that. It was a pain installing them! I’d hate to have to replace them.

We’ve had quite a lot of flooding through town…….so many of the railroad undercrossings are affected by storm water…….one is completely impassable……….it has 7 feet of water in a space the width of a small car!

But we’ll all get by. We’ll find different roads to travel..we’ll raise our thanks for a safe night…….we’ll carry on. That’s what we do.

5 thoughts on “after a storm

  1. I am grateful that you and George are OK. You are right – we survive and we go on. Our hurricane season is starting next week. 😎 Temps for the next week will be near triple digit or over.

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  2. We heard about the El Reno tornado…so awful. I don’t know how far that is from you, but I was thinking of you, and hoping it didn’t get too close. Thankful y’all are all right.

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    1. it’s a half hour down the road towards OKC…….it so could have been us last night.


      1. Wow, that’s a little too close for comfort, for sure! ❤

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