10 positive things about me

So, I found my friend Cyranny’s response to Rob Goldstein’s post…and thought “I can do this”……..so here we go.

Rob began this challenge……..The ‘Ten Positive Things’ Challenge comes from Bipolar Whispers and wrote:

“I tend to see things negatively when it comes to myself. So I thought I would challenge myself. In doing so I am also challenging you. Yes YOU! The readers of my blog. I want you to write 10 positive things about you that have nothing to do with any of your mental health issues. Post them on your blog and link the link in the comments. “

So, here are my own 10 positive things…..

  1. I am loyal. Once you have my friendship, support, love, admiration it is there to stay. Most of my “friends” are of long (really long) standing. It takes a whole heck of a lot of pain for me to give up on anyone. Not to say I CAN’T give up on people because I certainly can give up those who become toxic to me or mine……….but for the most part my friends are friends for life.
  2. I am honest.  I can lie with the best of them, but CHOOSE not to do so. What’s the point of sharing if you are telling a whopper?People always find out then drop you fast. Since I LOVE the approbation of my friends, I simply don’t lie to them.
  3. I am flexible.  Not everything has to be written in stone. If plans need to change at the last second, I am okay with it.
  4. I am intelligent and well educated.  They don ‘t necessarily go hand in hand, but I can claim (and prove…lol) both.
  5. I am sensible. I know when it is appropriate to work hard and when it is appropriate to simply give up.
  6. I have the ability to look beyond what something IS to what that something could BE. George saw this cottage as simply old and needing a lot of work. I saw the possibilities.
  7. I am creative.  I love the arts, and I am crafty as well. I make pretty things from dreck.
  8. I am a damned good cook. I have a few specialties……..in Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Southern and Arabic cooking. I can bake as well as cook, and while every now and then have a whopper of a “fail” most of my cakes are not only beautiful but exceptionally tasty.
  9. I am reliable. If I say I will do something by a certain date or time you can bet your life it will be done on time and to the very best of my ability.
  10. I am a GOOD WIFE, a good mother and a damned good friend.

Okay, readers. YOUR turn. Post ten good things about yourself and make my day.

5 thoughts on “10 positive things about me

  1. Wonderful qualities Suze!

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  2. I love your list. Thanks for taking the challenge. 🙂

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  3. I love all these qualities in my bestie!!!

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  4. This sounds like an excellent exercise for my support group!

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  5. Love these sooz! Great list!


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