The Non-Sunshine Blogger Award

Di (earlier misidentified as don’t ask, as I really have no clue why I said she was) over at Pensitivity101 received the sunshine blogger award. Everyone that doesn’t know her go check her out now. Well go ON! I can wait.

Jan tends to break rules (so do I, regularly) so of course I admire the heck out of her doing so…….and has nominated everyone who reads her blog for the same award. Now, I don’t want the award (I have a couple, thanks) BUT I loved the questions she was asking and decided to answer them. Her questions follow:

1.  What was your least favourite subject at school?
2.   What would you change, if anything, about your life?
3.   Do you have a pet?
4.   How far do you live from your birth town?
5.   Countryside, city, village, house, cottage, bungalow, apartment, other.
Where would you prefer to live?
6.   Are your parents still alive?
7.   Do you have any of your childhood toys?
8.   If you could be a colour, what would it be and why?
9.   If you were to recommend a Sci-Fi franchise (film or TV) what would it be?
10. Are you, or have you ever been, a smoker?
11.  What bad habit would you like to give up?

My responses:

  1. Latin..without any doubt whatsoever, I hated and despised not only the subject but the teacher. I scraped by with a C my first quarter, got a D the second and utterly failed the third . Now, languages were a requirement to graduate and my course load (pre-college_ mandated either Latin or Russian. I figured Latin would help me more as I was vacillating between pre-law and archaeology. Second year I barely managed to pass with a D for the year…just enough to gain that all important language point. I took the course in college, had a wonderful and quirky professor who brought the language to life. I still remember enormous amounts of that “dead’ language due to him.
  2. I would fix my eyesight without having to go through the necessary surgery this fall. I am quite honestly terrified and the date is looming closer with each passing day.
  3. I have four pets, 2 cats, 2 dogs.
  4. I live 1,330.7 miles away from my hometown. Sometimes it isn’t far enough.
  5. This sounds schmaltzy, but I would live exactly where I live now. In a cottage in Enid, Oklahoma.
  6. Both my parents have died. Dad within 6 months of my Mother.  If they had lived, Dad would be 102 now and Mother would be 99.
  7. I still have a stuffed Dumbo elephant that was given me on the day of my birth from my paternal grandmother. That silly elephant has seen the best and worst of times with me. Dumbo had had both ears reattached several times, and her trunk reattached…and now simply sits on a dresser in my bedroom.
  8. What colour would I be? some days I’d be green..the colour of new growth. Some days I’d be coral which I believe the most beautiful colour there is……..other times I’d probably be a dove gray……..can I be plaid, or polka dotted? how about paisley? I am a paisley sort of person, not to be simply one colour.
  9. No contest on the sci-fi recommendation…….it must be Dr Who. It is simply the very best…
  10. Yes. I smoke cigarettes. Yes, I KNOW it is “bad for me”…I don’t bloody well care. I gave up drinking..I gave up sex (damned heart failure!) I refuse to give up the last enjoyable addiction I have. (YES, I sound would too if every Tom, Dick and Harry told you every freaking day just how stupid it is to smoke. It’s none of their damned business since I don’t smoke near them! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
  11. Being defensive. Yea…that I could bloody well do without!

Hopefully everyone else is laughing as hard at me as I am right now……

6 thoughts on “The Non-Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Hi Suze, Di here (not Jan, though some people call me Pen)
    Love your answers. All I can remember about Latin is Amo, Amas, Amat (1967)
    What kind of dogs do you have and do they get on with the cats?
    Like your answer to the colour question. Nice idea. Could catch on!
    The smoking bit is personal preference and everyone is entitled to something they enjoy. I’m an ex smoker (40 a day plus) and have never looked back. I don’t drink either (can’t handle it and get squiffy opening the bottle) but I do love my food!!
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my 11. Take care. 🙂

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    1. sorry Di…names and I are iffy at the best of times. give me a number and it is forever sealed in my brain! Min-pin now 18 years old and a rat terrier..somewhere between four and six..he isn’t talking. they both adore the cats and vice versa.


      1. No problems Suze. You’ve got a lot going on. 18, wow, good age for a dog. Maggie is 14. Glad they all get on.

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  2. Very honest and interesting answers. Congratulations for the award.

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  3. 😄😄😄😄😄😄

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