Thinking ahead…

Yes, I am still thinking about September’s camping trip..and altho Ang and I generally stick together for the meal planning, I am thinking back to camping trips I used to take with my kids……

We never had “normal” camp know, the hamburger, hot dogs meals. We did REAL cooking, just over a fire. Some of my efforts were absolutely horrid, not to mention inedible..but some worked out well enough to throw into our camp recipes books and reuse over and over again.

When my youngest was about 10, he, George and I went up to the Jackson National Forest in Cloudcroft NM…and spent ten days in a wilderness campsite. While we were there, Rich made friends with the camp’s live-in summer guides………….and they showed him how to pick ripe sumac berries. He brought a baggie full of them, coated in fine sugar to cook for dessert at our next meal.

I still collect sumac berries and cook them with sugar over a low fire for a great biscuit topper of a dessert.

One of the meals we shared back then was what I call Cornbread Tamale Pie…… it isn’t really tamales, and it isn’t a pie. BUT, I had to call it something and it sounded good. We’ve since added or subtracted items to this pie at home to change up the flavors… can make this at home yourself.

You need an iron skillet though, so go raid grandma’s attic and swipe one of hers if you don’t own one.

Suze’s Cornbread-Tamale Pie

1 # ground beef (that’s POUND for those not in the know)

1 large onion, chopped

1 large green pepper, seeded and chopped

1 large red pepper, seeded and chopped

1 teaspoon of roasted paprika

1/2 teaspoon of dried red pepper flakes

1 8 oz can diced tomatoes, drained.

brown the ground beef in an iron skillet over fire or camp stove. add onions and peppers halfway through browning, stir and cook until all ground beef is completely cooked (about 4 -5 minutes). drain grease. add tomatoes, seasonings and mix well. poor cornbread batter over top, cover and cook for another 20 minutes. serve with sour cream OR bacon ranch salad dressing. bet you weren’t thinking I’d say that, did you? Bacon ranch dressing is a wonderful compliment to this “pie”.


You can “cheat and use a box of Jiffy Mix cornbread OR you can make from scratch…but if you are really don’t want the hassle of carrying around  hundred containers of ingredients just for this…so use a packaged mix.

add one can of creamed corn, one egg and reduce the water by 1/2 what the box says.

Mix completely and dump on top of your beef mixture.


You can make this at home in the oven..just throw it all in a big casserole dish and cook at 375 degrees F for 1/2 hour.

I’m now hungry, so am off to find sustenance….


9 thoughts on “Thinking ahead…

  1. mmmmm, just had breakfast, but lunch is around the corner and dinner needs a recipe and a plan. I love using the old cast iron cookware. I found an old, nasty, skillet in the woods, threw it in my neighbor’s bon fire for a couple hours, then seasoned it in the oven. It’s a great addition to my kitchen.

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    1. my kind of shopping! I have an old small cast iron skillet..can cook one egg in it, it’s so small…found while I was homeless. I love the thing

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  2. Sounds delicious!

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  3. I just bought a cast iron skillet. Looks like I’ve a recipe to try out!

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    1. I’ll pull out a few more for you to try! Ya know, if you ever try teaching those kiddoes of yours to cook, this would be a good place to start. They don’t having cooking classes in your grade though, do they?

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      1. No, but I’m good friends with the culinary instructor 🙂

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      2. On further thought, I’m certain I could work some kind of frontier/early modern cooking into a lesson plan or two

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      3. there ya go. you make history come alive for the kids……teach them how the pioneers cooked! woot! teacher of the decade!

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