where did it go?

Where did May go? It seems only last week it was the first of the month………..I looked at a calendar this morning and thought “that isn’t right! It CAN’T be June tomorrow!”

I was just getting used to the thought that Spring was here and now Summer is around the corner.

I have to start conserving electricity again…and what a pain in the patootie THAT is. No use between 2 and 7 pm or the electricity police will serve us a HUGE fine……yes, that was sarcasm……….there are no electricity police. It’s just a huge difference between kilowatt hours during that time period.

You’d think in the land of wind powered electricity that we’d spend LESS for the blasted stuff…..windmills are all over this state! But NO, since the cheeto got into office and he aimed his buddies at every power plant in the nation, wind power now costs twice as much as the gas-guzzling power available to us.

It annoys me. I LIKE to use alternative power sources.  I am an ex-hippie for God’s sake! What else would I wish to use?

On a different note, my bestie’s idiot of a husband is still an idiot.  No changes for the better from him. God forbid he treat her as the angel she truly is! No, worlds would collide…the planet would explode! The man needs to be smacked upside his head with a two by four!…or a good swift kick in the ass.

I swear he is gas-lighting her!  And I swear, when I have proof positive I am contacting her family and telling them so she has a safety net. I know she thinks she can deal with the nonsense, but the situation worries the hell out of me.

He used to be such a nice guy…and honestly I think he had a small stroke a few years ago because I can date the change in his attitudes to a specific one. Regardless, she is an incredibly loving and compassionate person and doesn’t deserve the insanity she deals with on a daily basis.

Enough! There is not a blessed thing I can do at the moment to help so I have to just shut up and follow her lead. She is, after all, the one living with him.

On a much (MUCH) more pleasant note, I am once again planning a camping trip. This time in September and we’re heading east to Osage Hills State Park once again.  My bestie will be going, her husband will NOT. No more will I allow him to ruin even a minute of our trip. And yes, he has already been notified he will not be joining us this time. (Yes, I CAN be a “bitch”).

This time we are hoping that her brother can join us at the campsite with his two teen sons…granted it will be after their high school begins classes for the year…BUT, there are so many areas of learning within the camp that hopefully he will see this not as a mini-vacation for his sons but an “outside the classroom education” for them and come along. I certainly hope so.

In the meantime, I have things to finish here at home. I have several scrub tops to alter, a quilt to begin, one to finish…and thousands of books to read……and a trip to plan.



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  1. May has flown by, I agree–I think it’s because we’ve both been so busy. You know what they say about time flying! As for your friend, I’m glad you’re able to arrange camping without the husband–the best for all concerned it sounds like:-)

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