seeing through another’s eyes.

Sometimes it takes looking through another person’s eyes to really see things…whether it is looking for a new way of thinking or just a change in scenery………

Angie dropped by yesterday and we started talking about the way my living room looks.

I painted it a gorgeous deep coral color, have deep turquoise trim and white furnishings.

I also have two “art’ furniture pieces that were placed one atop the other.  They both have the same colors, but were in different depths of color………..and I kept thinking I needed to do something to tone down the walls to make them look better.

Possibly a white wash over the coral?  Maybe repaint a wall in a lighter tone of the same colour? I didn’t have a clue………….

Then Ang said….”Suze? Why not put the top art cab over there (pointing to the side) and leave the big one where it is? Then move the shelf over there…(pointing out a shelf to the left) over top of the big cabinet?”

Say what? Move a small shelf?

I haven’t a clue why that never occurred to me before……..I move things all the time. So, I got up..grabbed my handy-dandy battery powered screwdriver and started moving shelves and cabs…………..and you know what?

I don’t need to paint anything. No white washing…no other tints of pale coral……….now why didn’t I think of that?

4 thoughts on “seeing through another’s eyes.

  1. I have noticed it too. Fresh perspective and out of box thinking! Great results. 😃

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  2. I LOVE the coral colour of your walls!!!

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    1. after almost 20 years of army housing with the either white, eggshell or gray walls, I went a bit insane on wall colours!

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      1. I know what you mean. We have rented this townhouse for nearly 21 years now … all the walls are eggshell, which beats white or grey, but still … I’d love a bit of colour. I did put wallpaper in the kitchen and a wallpaper border in the downstairs bathroom … my small way of adding character. 😉

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