SYW, June 4, 2019

Better late than worries. some of us actually don’t do the SYW until Friday or Saturday……those people are obviously deeper thinkers than I shall ever be.

Come and play with us. it is a simple thing to click the SYW thingy back there (LINK, Suze, it’s called a LINK!) and get the questions for yourself.


Do you think there is such a thing as a ‘gendered’ brain?  

I have no bloody idea what this is even supposed to mean……….so I have no idea of how to answer it. So I went to the author of the idiotic question..

I actually READ his post ( the link below) and thought “well, HE is full of bollocks!”  “Women are no good at reading maps?”  REALLY? I am a woman, and I can read a map. I can even read it upside down or sideways and still know how to follow it! AND…….SO CAN EVERY SINGLE WOMAN i PERSONALLY KNOW! I HATE gender stereotyping, and that fallacious remark is one of the more irritating.  I suppose he also thinks men can’t sew, or cook…and women can’t……….well you get the idea. Reading a map, doing mathematics, or geography..or engineering…or whatever…has zero to do with SEX! It has everything to do with education!

Stepping down off of my podium now…..

 Credit for this rather odd question goes to:



What is the silliest fear you have?

spiders. I am terrified of them in my home or vehicle. They are fascinating OUTSIDE,…and I can see them without freaking out, but the minute they invade my space I freak.


Credit goes to Rory


Out of your family members, who are you closest to?

my little sister, Anne. I am estranged from my eldest brother. I recently had a “text conversation” with my younger brother. First time we have “spoken” in over 12 years.



What is something you’ll NEVER do again?

Bungee jump off a bridge.

Gratitude and Thankfulness

As always, I am grateful that my husband is doing so very well post surgery. I am grateful to have Angie in my life, as she is so supportive and loving. I am grateful I still have my eldest dog..we had a very scary health emergency with Dasher a week ago. He’s either 17 or 18 years old so his time here is almost gone..I just want him to continue as long as possible.





7 thoughts on “SYW, June 4, 2019

  1. Thanks Suze, for Sharing Your World! I supplied my own interpretation of the ‘gendered’ brain, which might or might not be a buncha hooey. The fellow who wrote the blog piece was in YOUR corner actually…he often finds obscure and incredibly dip-shitty bits and pieces of ‘research’ or ‘fact’ and pokes fun at them. I think that’s what he was doing to the author of the book, who is a woman. SHE should be drummed out of the sisterhood immediately IMHO. 😉 Hope that took some of the heat off your podium…? I’m so glad your husband is doing so well, and condolences on the doggie. They are with us such a short short time, but they tend to get right in our hearts and make a home there, don’t they? Keep us posted on Dasher’s well-being and progress if you wouldn’t mind. I’d love to hear about him!

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  2. Lovely answers, specially the first one!

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  3. Ha ha Suze, brillaint, we had a spider situation last night.

    Suze suddenly appeared and said there is a spider in the bedroom! Okay, l answer and? Well l don’t want it there, l might swallow it! I looked at her and simply said “Well gees darling the answer simple, don’t eat it then!”

    Was not appreciated !

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    1. YOUR job is to kill all spiders for Suze! lol

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      1. I can’t kill a spider, even Suze doesn’t kill them, we let them go. Spider’s doing the job it’s supposed to – it catches flies 🙂

        Suze just doesn’t want them apparently running around at night in the bedroom 🙂

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      2. I dont think anyone wants them running around their bedroom….okay, modified job then…catch and release those suckers…lol

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      3. Well now, that’s the funny thing, currently l am really behind my own schedules, but l have a post about that spider, a snail and a frog that l want to write up called The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of — which is three funny incidents about those three things 🙂

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