On this day……….

In 1967, the Six Day War broke out between Israel, Syria, Egypt and Yemen.

In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was gunned down while campaigning in California.

In 1969, there was a race riot in Hartford, Connecticut

In 1970, Washington DC closed all government services at 1 PM due to race riots. My mother was driving home from her job at Walter Reed Army Medical Center when her car was overturned by rioters. She was not injured.

In 1973, I was hired as “Dorothy” at the Land of Oz Amusement park in Beech Mountain, NC. The Amusement park was “closed” to people of colour at that time. I was fired in October for sneaking in three college roommates..all of whom were international students from Ethiopia.

In 1973, the Relf sisters of Montgomery, Al were sterilized without their knowledge or parent’s consent. Both girls, ages 12 and 14 taken to a clinic for school physicals. A nurse at the clinic talked their illiterate mother into singing for the operation by telling her the procedures were for immunizations.

In 1974, I was hired by the Greensboro, NC NAACP as a courier/advocate.

I have worked ever since for racial equity in this country…sometimes in important jobs and sometimes just as a volunteer.

The rise of white supremacy movements in the past six or so years has caused me great shame and anger. Having our political leaders do nothing about it has annoyed and angered me. Having a President who seemingly IS a White  Supremacist enrages me. Seeing the actions of our border patrol/ICE over the past few years has also enraged me.

I was heartened (just a bit) when today a Senator from my former state of Texas announced that the American Dream and Promise Act was passed today in the US House of Representatives!

God only knows if it will pass Congress (probably not)..and if it does, Potus45 will probably reject it as it doesn’t pay for a wall……….BUT, I am encouraged.


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  1. Suze, great post. We need to stay encouraged in the knowledge that good people will prevail.🙏

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