Spring cleaning….

For the very first time since our marriage, my hubby George, has been awake and at home for the annual spring cleaning of whatever is annoying me…….it used to be “the home”…but now it is just moving a bunch of furniture and cleaning under and around it.

He “assisted” today with the spring cleaning.

It sort of began when Angie (Bless her heart!) said “wouldn’t it be great to have ALL the camping equipment in just ONE place?”…which got us talking about where it is now, and what we’d have to do to make changes for the better. And George was listening.

And he thought our tentative plan was a good one…and he started moving things before he told me what he was doing.

He cleared our the “lean-to” shed…it is big enough to easily store camping gear and still have room to move around. That meant he had to find places for everything in the shed…which he has almost completed. Halfway through the job he pulled out an old laundry room cab that I was storing (I remodeled the laundry room for a water heater..check it out), and he primed and painted the cab.


I had tentative plans to move the cab to the front porch and place it on a small dresser we store gardening tools in, so that meant I now had to stop playing an online game and actually go move plants and assorted items so the cab could go in there……

That meant I had to move a large book case from the porch to the “craft room”, and take out a craft table I had “made” and move it to the porch.

Then I moved plants all over the freaking place trying to find new homes for them….I moved the ironing board, another shelf, a bunch of boxes holding craft stuff, a lamp and a couple of table tops I was saving to “make something” out of……the result looks good but I had to both sweep floors and mop floors during and after all these moves.

I also had to clean that ginormous bookshelf as it has been sitting on the porch for two years.

Are you tired yet? I am exhausted just reading …well, WRITING this!

George (Bless his pea-pickin heart!) cleared one small shed and moved one cabinet and painted it. whoop-de-dooooooooo! In his defense, he did provide me the impetus to get it all done.

He wandered on into the house about lunchtime and said “Hey, Suze, if you aren’t busy, can you give me a haircut?”. AREN’T BUSY???????

Yes, George is still alive.

He also has zero hair as I gave him a buzz cut…….

9 thoughts on “Spring cleaning….

  1. sounds like a busy day for you both! Now everythings done though, yay! πŸ˜›

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    1. until I think of something else to move!

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  2. Sadly, with all the work you did, I am not sorry for suggesting this stuff being moved around!!! I really do love you Suze!!!

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    1. love you too. I am actually quite pleased with how it all turned out! I just wanted to whing……lol


  3. Wow … do y’think I might borrow George for, say, a few weeks??? I have much ‘spring cleaning’ that needs to be done, but sadly not a shred of spare energy to start it! Great job, George and Suze!!!

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    1. can I send him in a week or so…I have some bricks I want made into a walkway…lol

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      1. Sure … no rush! πŸ™‚

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  4. It all looks great and I’m glad George is still with us, lol!!

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