after it rains

We woke up a few days ago after dealing with horrible thunderstorms all night. The dogs were both terrified, the cats were complaining about all the noise and that danged water that just wouldn’t turn off outside.  The backyard looked like a moat around the house and sheds……

We checked for damages…that is just a given for Northern Oklahoma…and things seemed fine. Except the grass was moving………….a LOT…………and there wasn’t a wind.

We had frogs. Thousands of tiny baby frogs! They were everywhere!

This is what they look like..but it is way too big! The thousands of frogs jump[ing all over my yard are about the size of this guy’s nose! I tried and tried to take pictures of them but my camera doesn’t zoom beyond 10x and they are still too small to actually see in the picture.

The cat grabbed one this morning after hopping around behind it for a bit, then decided to taste it. According to Pyewacket’s face that was the wrong thing to do. I’ve never seen a cat spit out anything before…….and have to admit, while I felt sorry for that little tiny frog, I laughed like a loon at Pye’s expression. You just just tell he thought that frog tasted nasty.

I’m not sure how long these tiny dudes are going to hang out in my yard, but while they are here, I’m going to happily watch them bounce around.


7 thoughts on “after it rains

  1. We had to be careful cutting the back grass in the cottage as we had loads of young frogs on their way to a pond we didn’t have. They were so cute!
    On the marina, we had a peeping Toad….. the damn thing tried to get into the ladies’ shower block!

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    1. cool! I adore toads..have two toad houses in my garden that remain open for rent. the frogs are not impressed with the accommodations.

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      1. We had a couple here, but where we lived before, the back lane was their ‘crossing’ and was covered in them ……….. and I mean HUNDREDS…… they went off to their spawning grounds.

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  2. Yeah, here too. Thousands in the yard, on the sidewalk. They are the size of crickets.

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    1. yes! cute, but taste bad. lol

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  3. mmmmm….just toss them in a hot skillet with butter and garlic. When they stop jumping they are done. Yum

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