Holy Hell it is hot!

Now if I actually thought there WAS a Hell, I’d probably figure it was located somewhere in Houston. I’ve lived there and boy howdy does it get hot..and muggy…and a person wishes it would snow in August just so they could breathe again. It gets hot enough to have your skin die and peel off in vast sheets, thus making it feel hotter.

I never thought it would feel that bad here.

It’s not even 9 am and it is literally hot enough (and muggy enough) to fry eggs on the sidewalk!

I know because Sam just said, “come see this egg Gramma Suze…I fried it on the front porch!”

This is Oklahoma for Pete’s sake! NOT HOUSTON!

Each year we’ve been here it’s become a little shorter Spring and longer Summer…temps have been crazy……………and so has the weather.

Global warming? Climate Change? Nah…………it can’t be.  That’s just a Chinese plot to ……………..to do what? Not even the naysayers can make a rational argument against it.

I do know that six years ago, when we arrived here..we didn’t need to use the A/C until July…… and this year we started blasting that particular appliance in late April.

Nah, there’s no climate change.


2 thoughts on “Holy Hell it is hot!

  1. Yep – it’s hot here too! 103 yesterday and will be about the same today, and humidity is up higher than we’re used to.
    Happy Friday & weekend! ❤


  2. 2 years ago it was one of the hottest days on record. Today I am debating turning on the heating

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