some like it hot

I wonder why we humans are so very unappreciative of the things we have…until we lose them. Then suddenly the thing lost is the most important thing in the world.

The things we never think about..we just assume they will always be there whenever we want them……things like water from a faucet or lights when turning on a switch.

I had a little over a year of doing without the “basic necessities”..and learned just how important the tiny things really are.


turning a switch and the room lights up….



lifting a lever for water…………



turning a little knob for air conditioning………..or a switch for heat.

Opening a door and finding enough food for a few weeks…..some of it I even want to eat! That’s a blessing.



To my husband’s very Germanic/American GI Joe mind, things are always supposed to work properly. And when they don’t? He gets frustrated.

I had to listen to him mumble in German again today….at least he wasn’t yelling it. His verdamndt this that and the other nearly drove me mad…and when he wasn’t verdamndting (whatever the HELL it means!) he was grumbling about “inefficiency” “stupid, stupid utility companies” and “(Something nasty sounding) Trump”.

Dunno why our brownout and subsequent blackout was Trump’s fault actually, but when it is over 101 degrees F, and the a/c is off, no one gets away from our tempers.

It actually wasn’t too horrible today..the blackout only lasted through the hottest part of the day….and it was only 6 1/2 hours…it could have been so much worse.



5 thoughts on “some like it hot

  1. I’ve had to downsize quite a bit, so I get it. I live in a studio apt… no A/C, no dishwasher, no patio, no garden, etc. But I also don’t have to live with an annoying moody husband yay!

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    1. thank goodness he is only annoying while he is awake! LOL

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  2. We downsized from a three bed, 2 reception with conservatory and garage to a 41 foot narrow boat, just 6 feet 10 inches wide. Sold everything except the cars, kitchen basics, our clothes and some personal bits and pieces. Had all mod cons aboard though, just not ‘on tap’ and we had to manually fill (and empty) tanks. It was a great life as it taught us what was important. We miss the simplicity.

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  3. No A/C? I can do without most things–I can light candles and cook on the BBQ, but that’s my own personal dealbreaker–I can’t stand humidity!

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  4. UGH!!! How miserable … I would have been like your husband, only my cursing would have been in Spanish! And in between trying to gasp for breath! Stay cool!

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