The Gods are smiling on us today

I wrote about my frustration with the Veteran’s Administration this morning…………and this afternoon George received a packet from his VA Advocate (She shall be called Blessed) who sent the correct address, phone number and name of the VA contracted Doc who is doing George’s first exam on Monday.

She also SENT ACCURATE DIRECTIONS…..I adore this woman!

She also sent George a form to fill out in case his mileage and per diem fail to be sent to us within 5 business days of his appt…….

I called to thank her for all her work for my sweetie, and she said “did he have any difficulty getting all his appointments set?” to which I responded…”we’ve only had one appointment set up so far”.

Her reaction was to first snort (I isn’t ladylike but all of us do it when discussing the VA here) then said “I’ll take care of it. He has a complete physical coming up, and a sonogram, ultrasound, CT scan and”

I cut her off at that point and said “Can he have them all done at the same facility?” (I could see the VA setting exams all on the same day at 30 mile distances from each other with a ten minute gap between them).  She said “of course he can”.

I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen….but at least on Monday we will not get lost. I am grasping at tiny little straws of happiness here, so no one gets to comment if it’s going to blow up my bubble.


10 thoughts on “The Gods are smiling on us today

  1. Good luck! Hope they can do it all in the one place.

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    1. HA! This is the government…it is virtually impossible for them to do so..even though every single specialty is in the same building downtown.


      1. heart 30 miles away, brain/stroke 35miles in the opposite direction, urology 18 miles away, ENT 35 miles away. The rub is after treatment and discharge, to see your GP (who had said there was nothing wrong in the first place, and has actually prescribed the wrong meds)

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  2. LOVE IT!! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. LOL God bless the VA.

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    1. they really have terrific dos and specialists. They are wonderful. IT is the damned PAPER-PUSHING LIFE-TIME GOVT EMPLOYEES THAT ARE THERE TO COLLECT A PAYCHECK

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  3. Finally some one nice to deal with.

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  4. What a wonderful helper she was!!! You must bake some cookies and send to her!!! Good luck on all the appointments … keeping fingers crossed for you!

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  5. I just read your previous post and could feel your frustration emanating through the computer–this post made me feel much better for you and George!


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