it’s been a lazy Saturday

We woke up early and started the first of six loads of laundry after a nice breakfast… and a book for me…….No, I didn’t eat the book, I read the book.

In between loads it was cleaning the bathroom, sweeping floors and shaking scatter rugs.

Then Angie wandered by with her fussing dogs and we took off while George dog-sat……..and I bought……DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!

An apple corer!

Yep, needed one and we spent a good two hours wandering store to store to find one.

You see, I have a couple of apple trees in the back yard…and every year they make some pretty nice fruits………..THIS year, they went insane.

I figure before I am done picking apples, I will be able to collect about seven bushels. Out of that seven bushels I will probably be able to use five.

Today, Angie and I picked about a 1/4 bushel, I washed them and cored them…then made spiced apples and canned them. 12 jars later I finally ran out of apples.

It’s been fairly quiet here this evening as Gunnar went to spend the night when Angie went home.

Yes, my dog has overnight visits. I’ll pick him up in the morning and bring him back home again. He loves going for rides and he adores Angie, so it was the best of all doggie worlds for him today.

I already miss him like crazy and he’s only been gone a few hours.

George spent most of the day in his shed out back…working on a few models.  He’s doing pretty well for a guy that rejected a defibrillator a week ago.

He has a follow up appointment with the surgeon on the 18th, and I am hoping the doc says he doesn’t need a replacement.

I did do something just for me this week. I got a haircut. It’s been a little over a year since my last one, and while I do like long hair it’s too blasted hot. So,  it’s now about 2 inches long on top and a boy cut everywhere else……and it saves me a good 45 minutes now that I can be doing something else…….like dishes. or cutting up apples………or reading a book.


7 thoughts on “it’s been a lazy Saturday

  1. And you call that a lazy Saturday? 😉 Picking, preparing and canning all these apples doesn’t sound so lazy to me!!

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    1. yea..if I was more industrious, I would have canned 36 jars! lol

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  2. You must be feeling lighter!

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  3. It sounds like a very productive and non-lazy day! I don’t know if I could send Titus somewhere overnight–I’d miss him so much, and worry that he was lonely for us too!

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    1. what did you do now? LOL


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