questions at Rugby’s by Tom (who is Tom anyway???)

Since WP seems to be acting snarkily towards me and my responses today, I couldn’t simply answer Cheryl’s post questions. Here’s hoping this actually posts correctly!

and my responses:

  1. I am fairly reasonable. It takes a LOT to make me lose it and go berserker on people or things….and no, I really don’t think there are very many reasonable Americans left on the planet. (not the answer you were going for, but there ya have it)
  2.  Yep. They exist…and they are sitting up in their space ships (or whatever) laughing their asses off at the stupid humans.
  3.  Mr. Peabody…at least I am pretty sure there was a short lived comic book about Mr. Peabody and Sherman.
  4. mutant teenage power huh? I’d want the power of bestowing permanent impotence, virulent infection and bestowing stinky smells on the asshole that raped me. That would do it for me.
  5. same as four, only far more violent…….lol
  6. yes. pancake coverage variable is NOT variable but a constant. Check that math again.
  7. I’m wearing PURPLE baby! I am an alien with telepathic powers and the ability to de-sex Capt Kirk with a single look!
  8. 1000 bucks? tax free? I’d save it until I had enough to buy all the flooring I need to repair this home. …and then hire someone else to do it for me.
  9. I prefer Dr. Pepper, over ice or crisply chilled.
  10. Considering I have never voluntarily listened to Bruce in my entire life, have never owned a deck, and stopped drinking to stupidity back in the late 70’s, I refuse to answer this question!@

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