SYW July 8, 2019

Sparky at Sparksfromacombustiblemind asks the SYW questions each Monday. Why not join in and answer the for yourself?

QUESTIONS:   Now I realize that everyone doing SYW doesn’t live on this side of the world and on the other side of the world it’s now winter.   So substitute, if you’d like and if it’s more appropriate, “winter” for summer and answer the questions that way.   🙂

  • Are you a Summer person?   A Winter person?   Or one of the other seasons suits you best?
  • What is your favorite summer time clothing?   
  • Do you find yourself eating out more during the summer?  Or making ‘cold food’ like salads and stuff you can heat in the microwave?
  • Do you like watermelon?   What’s your favorite summertime treat?

I am an annual person. I love (and hate) many many things about each season and really do not have a preference. I am just happy to be alive in whichever season I happen to be inhabiting at the moment.

shorts, a scrub top and flip flops……I live in them. The scrub top because I really NEED these handy dandy pockets.

No. George and I rarely “eat out’ if you are asking about going to a restaurant or a fast food place. I cook…quite well thank you and it is far cheaper to do so than go somewhere. We no longer own a microwave…I do have a toaster oven that I use every now and then.

Watermelon? I can usually leave it……I do though adore watermelon pickles. So I generally purchase a couple of large melons, make George eat the fruit and I make pickles enough to last a year out of the rind.

5 thoughts on “SYW July 8, 2019

  1. I love your answers, how the heck do you live without a microwave?? Lol! I’ve never had watermelon pickles.
    I can leave my answers here: I’m a summer girl, always have been.
    Shorts, a sleeveless billowy shirt, sandals or flip flops-or a sundress. For me the less clothes the better 😉
    Yes, we eat out some but we cook a lot too! We eat too much Mexican food, in the summer we grill meat, have salads and a veggie.
    I love watermelon and frozen it makes great smoothies. When I’m being bad I love some gelato!

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    1. you peel the rind, and cut off all the pink leaving just the white part. then soak in salt water for three days in the fridge. Rinse them in cold water, make a syrup with 4 cups apple cider vinegar, and 8 cups of sugar. add 2 T cloves, 2 T of allspice, and five sticks of cinnamon. bring to boil, add watermelon and boil until the white turns almost translucent. pack and seal, then process in a hot water bath. YUMMY!
      I live without a microwave quite easily. I cook. lol


  2. I’m impressed with your fortitude in eating ‘in’ during hot weather. And for your tolerance for all seasons, finding the good in each, which is great! 🙂 I am with Kim though, how do you get by in these days without a microwave? So many food items seem to be adapting to being cooked in a microwave. I use mine an inordinate amount during the summer because I really hate the heat. But to each their own,right? Thanks Suze, for Sharing Your World! 🙂

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    1. i cook. from scratch. ya know, take a recipe and follow it? lol..when George had his pacemaker installed (inserted???) we were told to keep him far away from any microwaves as it would affect his pacemaker. EASY choice to get rid of it.


  3. 1. I am totally a summer person, when summer begins. By the end of summer I’m totally a fall season person (or, as I like to call it, a “football” season person). By winter, however, I’m ready for the Santa Pub Crawl (I mean, er, Christmas) and the joys of winter. Not long after the start of winter, however, I am ready for everything about spring except the sniffles and the lawn growth. Like you, I’m akin to all seasons!

    2. Flips and tanks!

    3. Lots and lots of grilling!

    4. Beer. I don’t much like watermelons and I can’t stand cantaloupe. Mrs C, however, eats the latter by the dozens all week long. 🙂


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