something new

I’ve sewn clothing for years. I first learned how to sew clothing at age 10, made dresses for myself, my Mother and sister..even sewn for total strangers.

I am accomplished at it but would never call myself a seamstress.

I’ve sewn wedding gowns, prom dresses, formals, men’s shirts and slacks…I even sewed the clothes my five year old wore to my wedding to George.

I’ve sewn Renaissance garb and sold masses of them to visitors to Scarborough Faire (down in Waxahachi, Texas).

Court dress, French

I’ve sewn quilts (which I love) for the past three years.

One thing I have never done (until now) is to reconstruct garments.

I have been, for the last three weeks, adding strips of very stretchy athletic-clothing material to scrub tops.

It serves two to make the garment looser, and two: makes the garment “breathe”. It has an added benefit of making the scrub tops look a bit better.

I’ve been making them for myself and my friend Angela.

We both wear a ridiculous number of scrubs…they have POCKETS! This makes cleaning the house easier as I can just stuff things into my pockets until I get to the room said objects need to reside.

They hold my car keys, my phone…whatever I might need to have at any given moment. I adore pockets.

And pockets are extremely difficult to find on ready-made clothes.

I was in the grocery this morning and wearing one of my altered tops. A total stranger came up to me and asked where I purchased it. I told her I altered it myself….she then asked if I would consider altering several for her.

I think I have created a new job for myself without even trying!

We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet later on…….it seems she too wears tons of scrubs and wants every top of hers to have new stretchy plackets inserted in them.

Wish me luck! Medicare has started pulling $135.00 a month from my tiny check and I need to supplement my income. This seems an easy (for me) way to do so.

4 thoughts on “something new

  1. This is wonderful Suze! I hope it takes off for you.

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  2. This is great! You are so talented, it will be good use of that!

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  3. That is awesome news Suze!! I wish you much luck and I will send prayers your way that you’re in business soon.
    Word of mouth is the best advertising, you could take your tops and some of your crafts to local fests and fairs, or maybe set yourself up an online shop through Etsy or 5Mile!!

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  4. That’s great! A rare talent these days in the era of cheap crap from Amazon. I wish you loads of success!


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