the light shall fade………finally!

After attempting to cool off this evening, I sat down and thought about why it was so damnably hot just in the bedroom and kitchen?

They are both western exposures.

They are both covered with appropriate shading to help them stay cool….BUT

heat just flows out from these two windows as if there is a blast furnace just on their other side.

So I asked my handy dandy man of all repairs (yes, that would be my neighbor Lee) if there was some way to seal them so the rooms would be cooler.

Lee said “sure”

and I waited….and waited…these country boys so rarely talk to make any explanation….and finally I asked..”so how would you do it?”

He grinned at me and said “take em out”.

I sort of stared at him for a minute while thinking about what the kitchen and bedroom would look like without those windows…………

and I thought “I can live with that”.

So tomorrow morning, when it is fairly cool, Lee will be over to take out these two windows and seal off the holes.

He said I am allowed to assist, but George has to just watch.

Smart man, that Lee.

9 thoughts on “the light shall fade………finally!

  1. I hope it works for you … I could live without a window in the bedroom, for I rarely open my bedroom blinds, since I am only in there to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. But, I could not stand a windowless kitchen. Sigh. I am a creature who needs as much light as possible … ☀️

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    1. i actually have a small window over the sink….this one I want gone is between the fridge and the freezer and effectively makes me lose six square feet of storage or prep area.

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      1. Ahhh … as long as you have the one over the sink, at least you get some natural light. I do hope this helps keep your kitchen cooler!

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      2. it was 17 degrees cooler this afternoon….and yes, I had several thermometers in the rooms to see how they did. lol

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  2. Another option would have been to plant oak or maple trees outside that western exposure about 30 years ago for shade.

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